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About Us


Scan and Collate are a limited company who commenced trading in September 2007. We are  specialists in the digital reproduction of medical records into a secure and easily accessible format. We can also provide advice and solutions to any data and document management issues.


Additional Services

*    GP Services

*    Secure Data Transfer

*    Record Archiving

*    Digital Reproduction

*    Onsite Scanning

*    Storage Solutions

*    Microfiche Reproduction

"Never photocopy another record for a Solicitor again.....

What We Do


Our primary service is an on-site scanning solution where our staff visit clients on a pre-arranged appointment and process the records they need copying, usually in regards to requests made under section 7 DPA 1998. We then produce those records onto an encrypted CD-Rom ready to supply to the requesting party, i.e. Solicitor.


How the Service Works


We will visit your premises and scan your subject access records, so nothing leaves your possession. This means that you will not have to photo-copy another record for subject access requests. We will encrypt the scanned record, so that the patient information is completely secure, and put the encrypted record onto a CD for you to post.





*    Benefits of Using our Service


▪ We Scan all Records On-Site


▪ We produce Individually Encrypted

  CDs for each Patient on the day, to

  ensure your patient data is totally



▪ All records are returned to their

  original condition


▪ We provide a back up of all work

  completed to ensure additional

  copies are easilly processed


▪ We reduce you staff, postage and

  paper costs


▪ We provide all Media and use our

  Own Equipment














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Scan and Collate NHS customers say that our service saves them money, and as LMC buying group members you will also gain from a 15% discount on our standard rate as well as an exclusive 2 Months FREE Trial, so you can find out, at no cost to you, if our services are right for your practice.