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Scan and Collate are a limited company who commenced trading in September 2007. We are  specialists in the digital reproduction of medical records into a secure and easily accessible format. We can also provide advice and solutions to any data and document management issues.

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At Scan & Collate we provide a straightforward, efficient, secure and affordable method for dealing with the growing number of requests you receive, from solicitors and insurance companies, for copies of your patients medical records.

We are aware that these requests present an increasing problem for the majority of practices in the UK.

As a result we have developed a service to help meet your requirements in dealing with these requests.

The service we provide causes minimal disruption to yourselves and leaves you in control of the invoicing, so ensuring your cash flow is uninterrupted.

  •     Would you like to -

▪ reduce your staff's processing


▪ reduce the amount of paper you


▪ reduce your photocopier usage

▪ reduce your postal costs

▪ free your staff for more necessary


▪ provide a more secure method of

  copying and delivery

▪ help improve staff morale

▪ help protect your company from

  data protection issues

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Customer Comments

“This is an excellent service and we would  recommend it to others. The saving on staff not doing these manually has been a great moral booster.”

“The  best service this practice has had. Photocopying patients  notes is the most boring job in the building.

 Excellent  service”

“We save a lot of money – i.e. staff time  and registered post

– plus patient confidentiality during transport is much  safer”

Scan and Collate Ltd - The Innovation Centre, Festival Drive, Ebbw Vale, NP23 8XA